About E Fresh Creative

About Us

E Fresh Creative is a professional design and development company specializing in the area of websites, graphic design and digital marketing. It was founded by Ericka Bakkom and David McKim, two business associates and friends who decided to collaborate together in order to merge and create the vision of a design and development company tooled for the future of design, marketing and customer experience.

Our company offers a collaborative team that brings a vast repository of experience and success in graphic design, marketing, advertising, website development and cutting edge technologies that make us a powerful partner to have.

Meet our Team

Ericka Bakkom

Graphic Design & Marketing Lead

Ericka has over 20 years of experience in the design & advertising industry, ranging from corporate level work to independent business owners, government clients, non-profits and municipal corporations. Her skills as a professional designer combined with her energetic, positive and friendly nature make her a great person to work with. Ericka is the Founder/Principal of E Fresh Design (www.efreshdesign.com) and a member of several trade associations, currently certified as a Women’s Owned Minority Business Enterprise (WOMBE: W2F0023310).

David McKim

Web Development & IT Lead

David brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in technology and business to the table including 8 years of experience in a broad scope of web technologies including website platforms, SEO, mobile site design, web hosting, server administration and customer experience design. He is experienced in working on small business, corporate, non-profit and government projects not only as a developer but as a project lead. David is known for his ability to jump in and be productive at any stage of the game, breaking down technical information into easy to understand concepts.