Graphic Design

E Fresh Creative brings over 20 years of experience to the table, with clients ranging from small and midsize businesses to corporations and government entities. Organizations can benefit from having professional design services that allow them to present images, materials and visual media that engages with their audience and communicates the most important information in a strategic manner. When these materials are brought together to work fluidly it creates a an original user experience that enhances the organization's brand recognition across the board.

Design Psychology

Many studies have proven that the visual design and experience users, customers, partners or the general public have when working with an organization, its media or using its products or services creates a brand and reputation. By beginning the discovery process we can identify what makes your organization unique as we use this information to build a better experience for the audiences who will be presented with your materials and website. The right colors and styles of writing, the feel of print materials and the presentation of of your message all have the ability to invoke powerful feelings that compel people to take action. Our services integrate these kinds of design psychology strategies to leverage the most optimal success for our clients.

Branding Services

Branding is about more than a logo or a nice looking website. While those are important - your organization's brand is your relationship and your promise to the world around you. One of the things that makes E Fresh unique is how we take the time to tune into a clients brand and help them tell their story. Learning about the full history of your organization and achieving a very in-depth understanding of what you like doing helps us to better serve you by creating media and websites that share the character and the passion of the people they represent. Whether you’re looking to launch a new product line, craft your organization's identity or embark on a rebranding project we are excited about the opportunity to serve you!

Infographic Design

You will find when you have complex ideas or information to share it can be a big undertaking to communicate that information to other people so that they understand it and respect its value. With a growing portion of industries gravitating towards more technological systems and competing in a race to innovation this becomes a very common issue. So one of the new ways quality graphic design services can help you is to work towards creating simplified illustrations that allow people to visually see what you are trying to explain. These informational illustrations are better known by their short name “infographics”. We have identified this as a critical need for a lot of established organizations and our commitment is to help you share the important information in the most comprehensive way possible.