Website Development

E Fresh Creative can develop your website for you in addition to proving customized graphic design services. Our expert developers have a wide range of experience including website software applications, enterprise hosting systems, eCommerce, SEO and personally supporting users of website systems.  At the core of what we do our mission is to achieve the ideal balance in blending our design talents with robust website platforms that help you achieve more than what a conventional design or development studio is capable of offering. Some of the key areas we focus on include:

User Experience

One of the best design statements ever made can be quoted from Steve Jobs “Design is not just what it looks like & feels like; design is how it works.” A lot of times the process of creating your web presence can take a turn that puts a lot of focus on the visual side of the spectrum, when in actuality the experience can benefit from designing a site that includes higher levels of user functionality. When your audience can intuitively use the site and fluidly navigate the information architecture behind your marketing messages you will achieve success in your communication. This leads them to take the action you desire.

Scalable platform

The question “How scalable is my website?” is paramount to your staying power when you start reaching your audience. This includes a lot of factors; can I easily update my site? Does my design allow me to grow in new directions? Can I become a leader by educating people in my field without obstructing my marketing message?  Our specialty platforms ensure that you’re not only able to achieve your goals today, but you will have the resources and the flexibility to conquer much larger goals tomorrow.


Being able to engage people at their convenience is important. We focus on not only the site design itself, but the content and the information architecture. By creating dynamic content, engaging audiences who are mobile and audiences who are stationary at the same time becomes possible. If you’re on the go, or you only have 5 minutes before you board the plane or the coffee shop happens to be a little loud – then the nature of how you process information changes. We take into account the environmental circumstances so that the greatest possible audience can always be within reach.


Just starting out your goals may be very pragmatic and focused. But as your organization grows, or discovers new pathways to opportunity the things you ask of your website will change. It’s an incredible value to have a system that can change with you seamlessly. Whether you need to switch gears from community outreach to eCommerce, or to make the leap from a few service pages to ramping up an article marketing campaign our platform will stick with you and address a very wide variety of needs.

Built to last

Far too often people are sold on the bargain website with a blog for a low entry fee. The benefit to this is that you now have a website – congratulations. But will it really last or accomplish its goals? A lot of lower cost website options come with hefty restrictions on what you can do with it. Trying to preserve such a site can be incredibly costly and time consuming. But we have this base covered very well – our platform of choice is capable of providing websites that last for years, with the ability to update designs and change the content and site features as needed without requiring a brand new website development project, which can be very costly and time consuming.

Security and Compliance Standards

Our team has a wide range of experience in the area of designing sites for information security and maintaining the best practices in various industries. All of the eCommerce solutions we implement abide by PCI compliance standards. Additionally our platform is a holistic solution that combines both the website and the hosting system to create a very resilient solution that uses the most effective strategies to resolve security holes and intrusion attempts. We don’t just build your site – we stand by it and protect it!